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Who We Are.

Since 2010, the company has been generating leads for some of the world's most prestigious businesses. With its cutting-edge data and lead solutions, Ziofy Solutions has earned a name for itself in the ever-changing sector of B2B marketing and sales. Through personalised databases, increased connectivity with qualified prospects wanting information to go forward in the purchase process, and simpler engagement via phone, email, direct mail, and social media, Ziofy Solutions helps you achieve your business objectives.

Ziofy Solutions  provides Data Intelligence and Lead Management solutions to aid in the formulation of efficient campaign plans. We can assure you that collaborating with us will be beneficial to you.

Company Information

Over 31 Million company records for faster connectivity.

Executive Database

Precision targeted Contact Records of Top Executives.

Health Care Lists

More than 10 Million accurate records of Healthcare Professionals.

Technology Insights

Highly Responsive contact records of global IT decision makers & professionals.

How It Works?

An Array of Associated Services.

List Your Business

Promote through Focused Campaigns.

Developer Portal

Score & Prioritize Leads Score.

B2B Exchange

Convert Qualified Leads Close deals faster with qualified leads.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Utilize our dynamic data platform to market at the most opportune times.

Navigate leads faster down the funnel, convert them faster and win larger profits.

Make decisions faster powered by the best marketing data sets to boost sales.

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